"Undiscovered, and off-the-beaten tourist track, lies a land that time forgot - Apulia."

- Taken from a vintage guide book but says it all!

There is much that this little-known region has to offer: hundreds of miles of sandy beaches, landscape dripping with history and an extraordinary array of architecture. You will be able to eat breakfast in a Baroque city, have lunch in a town built from caves, and enjoy dinner in a whitewashed cobbled hilltop village watching the sunset.

You might be interested to find that the region produces most of Europe’s pasta, presses most of Italy’s olive oil, catches most of Italy’s fish, and makes enough wine to rank Puglia (if it were a country) as the sixth biggest wine maker in the world. The reality is even better, and you really can sample some of the best meals that you have ever eaten.

It is a fascinating hidden dream and still remains wonderfully relatively unnoticed to the tourist industry (for now! I saw a tourist ad on the London underground the other day!).

We hope you enjoy wandering around our ‘whitewashed Adriatic gems...’


15.4km 19 mins

Apulia is famous for its Trulli (dry stone huts with conical roofs) and these can be Century, Alberobello folklore suggests that the Trulli were constructed as a way of evading tax laws of the time. Building without mortar enabled the houses to be dismantled as soon as residents got wind of a local tax-inspector coming their way, and rebuilt again once the inspections had been completed. Although a nice story and fun anecdote, it is more likely that the Trulli were built using what materials were available at the time. In addition, the thick walls offered protection from the harsh winter weather and provided cooler temperatures during the hot summers.

There is much to see and do in this quaint, charming town.

Alberobello has a number of restaurants in or near the town centre; and lots of people watching coffee stops in the main square. In the summer, there are a host of activities and events, from religious processions to international folk and jazz festivals, and open-air cinema.

Martina Franca

12.7km 20 mins

Martina Franca is a History Nerd’s dream, with castles, battles and feuds dating back to the 1300s. Today, Martina Franca is, arguably, the most elegant town in central Puglia. For those of you interested in Architecture, you will find many graceful Baroque and Rococco buildings within the walls of the Centro Storico. Just outside the walls is the Gothic church of S. Antonio, and across the Piazza XX Septembre stands the tall Porta S. Antonio, the principal gateway to the old town centre.

Inside the gate is the green Piazza Roma, dominated by the Palazzo Ducale, occupies the site of the old Castle. The building now serves as a town hall, but parts of the magnificent interior are open to the public and it serves as an indoor venue for the prestigious summer classical music festival (The International Festival of the Itria Valley).


7.2km 11 mins

When you drive from Villa Silvana, Locorotondo appears at the top of a round hill as a cluster of white houses dominated by a tall church. This is your nearest town and easy for that morning stroll and coffee. The name of the town means “round place”, and the circular plane of the old town centre, the Centro Storico, is still evident today and the place to head for. Well known for its light dry white wine – ‘locorotondo’.

Inside the walls surrounding the Centro Storico, is a fascinating maze of narrow streets and alleyways, whitewashed houses, and arches and balconies full of colonial flowers. The main beautiful sights of the town are the impressive Mother Church of St George and the late Gothic church of San Marco della Greca.


9.1km 14 mins

For those of you with a passion for history and architecture, a trip to Cisternino (pronounced CH-isternino) is a must. Dating back to the 10th Century, Cisternino is perched on a hilltop overlooking the surrounding Murge and Itria Valley. The first thing you see as you enter the old city is the Torre Grande, dating back from the time of the Norman domination.

The nearby church, Chiesa Madre, is of Apulian Romanesque style and was built in the 13th century, but only the internal capitals and columns remain as the façade was rebuilt in the 19th century. In fact, the remains of an earlier church (dated around 1000AD) was recently rediscovered in the foundations of the current building.


25.7km 33 mins

Ostuni –the White City – is also lovely (sorry to keep using this word), set on a hilltop overlooking the sea, with breath-taking views from its many walls. This beautiful city is really spectacular in the evening, with its white historical centre and its many fascinating alleyways to explore. Ostuni was an important town of the area, even from pre-Roman Messapian times, and as such, has a turbulent history. Modern Ostuni has many reminders of the town’s important past. On top of the cluster of whitewashed houses, is the 15th Century cathedral dominating the view for miles. The streets wind from here, down to the Piazza della Liberta in a labyrinth of little stairs and lanes flanked with typical whitewashed houses, smaller souvenir shops and homely traditions.

Nearby is the Bishop’s Palace, built using stones of the earlier castle, remains of which can still be seen. To the north there are magnificent views down to the sea. The walk towards the newer quarters of the town passes amongst other churches and fine buildings.

Polignano a Mare

30km 30 mins

Polignano remains our most favourite place to visit. It stands overlooking a crystal clear sea, with its houses overhanging natural sea caves. The dramatic views are visible from many cliff edge vantage points. To the North of the massive cliffs, one of the most impressive Apulian caves, known as the Grotte Palezzese, is open, equipped with a large terrace and a restaurant (pricey!). From the newer section of town, a wide stone archway leads into the medieval streets in the old village; an intricate maze of alleys, white courtyards and terraces all overlook the Adriatic.

A little beyond the gateway, in the old village, there is a pleasant square in which there is a church, the Chiesa Matrice dell Assunta, consecrated in 1295, with a massive quadrangular bell tower. The 16th century Renaissance style prevails inside the church, but the presbytery in Baroque; well worth a visit.


39.4km 35 mins

Yet another historic adventure, Conversano is steeped in history. There are many tombs here, dating from the 4th to the 2nd centuries BC, and also remains of megalithic walls. Conversano’s castle is well worth a visit, it is of Norman origin and was modified at various times over the ages. There are many paintings of famous artists in there, but most of the castle is now comprised of private dwellings.

Near the castle is the gem of the town; it’s Romanesque cathedral built between 11th and 12th century. It’s interior contains ancient frescos, sadly damaged in a fire in 1911, and a fine 13th century icon of the Virgin Mary.

Castellana Grotte

22.4km 27 mins

This is the place for all you explorers out there. Castellana Grotte, as its name suggests, is famous for its caves. Located a few kilometres away from Alberollo, Cisternino and Poligno di Mare, they were discovered in 1938 by Franco Anelli, and are regarded as the most magnificent in Italy.

Throughout the ages, the slow infiltration of water among the calcareous rocks of the subsoil, and innumerable fractures, and ravines created a wonderful network of subterranean passages, caves and chasms, that are among the most extensive and beautiful in the world. Some of them stretch out for just a few metres, whilst some others wind for kilometres inside the mountain. In the largest one, (approx. 3km), you will find an incessant succession of underground passages, tunnels, wells, lakes and, Stalactites and Stalagmites (extra points if you know the difference!). If you are in the area, a tour of the caves is a must! They even offer a nighttime tour, if you find your days fully booked with other fascinating things.


104km 1 hr 13 mins

Lecce, also known as the Puglia’s Florence, is the region’s capital. It's quite a drive from us but well worth the effort. Don’t forget, all these places close at lunchtime but also open late.

Lecce’s history goes back a long way, but the period which lead to the town’s current fame was in the 17th century. As a result, it has lot of Baroque architecture. Lecce has a lovely centro storico, and you can easily spend a day or two meandering down little lanes and finding far forgotten churches. The most over-the-top decoration in the town is to be seen at the Basilica di Santa Croce, which has a fantastical façade to marvel at, ornamented with strange beasts and allegories. Visitors will gaze at Lecce’s architecture and wonder, sometimes in admiration, or perhaps – if cherubs aren’t your thing – with appalled fascination. I mean…how many ways can you carve a cherub? Many... apparently.


79.5km 1 hr 19 mins

If you’re only going to do one historical visit, this is the place. It is quite a trek, but well worth it.

This unusual little town is built into a cliff face and is famous for its extensive cave-dwelling districts (the sassi). The caves of Matera had been inhabited for centuries; some humble, and some smarter residences, but by the early 20th century, the area was a by-word for poverty. Until the 1950s, hundreds of families were still living crowded into cave-houses here.

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  • Our last day at the beautiful Villa Silvana in Puglia. Fab hosts in Nikki & Adrian. Wonderful food, great weather and just such a treat to be in Italy relaxing. We will be back.

    #lovepuglia #bellaitalia #sosafeinitaly

    Gill, Sept/Oct 2020

  • Just back from a fabulous holiday in Puglia. Can absolutely recommend Villa Silvana. Great villa with a huge pool and amazing views! Perfect for social distancing, face masks the norm in Italy and very fashionable.

    Mo, Sept/Oct 2020

  • Just returned from an idyllic few days in Villa Silvana. Fab venue, great local food and wind & wonderful hosts. So nice to something normal & feel revived after such bad times. Thank you

    Kate, Sept/Oct 2020

  • This was our 3rd trip to the incredible Villa Silvana and we are already looking forward to Puglia 2021!. Despite knowing what was in store, Villa Silvana never fails to surprise with its breath taking views, inviting swimming pool and spacious living space.

    This year we explored the local towns of Saveletrri and Locorotondo just a short drive from the villa and well worth a visit (fresh pizza and seafood pasta heaven). We taxi’d there which was easy to arrange and inexpensive – would certainly recommend.

    When the hardest decision on holiday is which of the many terraces to sunbathe, have long lunches and sun downers – you know you have found a gem!

    Thank you again for a memorable stay

    Molly, July 2020

  • I love this place! It is the perfect location for a relaxing week away. The pool area has recently been redone and provides a beautiful backdrop while you float around with not a care in the world!

    The villa has multiple dining areas so you can mix up- either along table for 16 for a formal dinner, or a more chilled wooden table for 8 underneath a wonderful canopy.

    The bedrooms ae spacious and thankfully nice and cool as the temperature can get up to 35 degrees during summer

    Cant wait to visit again.

    Mikey, July 2020

  • This was our second visit to this simply stunning villa! As you arrive you are immediately greeted with the most stunning view which is alone a reason not to leave. From there the surprises get better & better- the food, the pool, the newly updated rooms, the Italian decor all add to the charm. Can’t wait to come back.

    Stephanie & friends

  • I’m writing this review while sitting in the lounge at Villa Silvana. It’s our final evening of a week in this stunning villa. The sun has set for the final time across the beautiful view from the terrace and we are gutted to be leaving. If you are lucky enough to be visiting Puglia then you are unlikely to find a more amazing place to stay. We have been out and about to some truly breathtaking towns a short drive from the villa. Polignano, Alberobello, Locorotondo and finally spent today at Zoo Safari, which we all thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you Villa Silvana for helping us create family memories which will last a lifetime!


  • Just returned from a mini break - stayed at Villa Silvana. Absolutely beautiful! Only 20 mins from Brindisi airport and 15mins from the coast. Perfectly positioned.

    The Villa is tastefully decorated and so very comfortable. Everything you could possibly need has been thought of. Fab pool with pool towels & dedicated shower.

    Private chef available (she was fabulous), ideas for where to visit and places to eat in abundance.

    It’s simply a must!


  • Just back from a fantastic short break at the beautiful Villa Silvana. With a view to die for and fabulous hosts Nikki and Adrian, what’s not to love? They were so helpful and knowledgeable about the local area. The photos just do not do the villa justice. Our bedroom was huge with great en-suite shower. We will be back!

    We arrived from Naples by Marino Bus - the best value 30 euros we’re ever likely to spend (15 euros per person)! Journey took 4 hours and was extremely comfortable, free WiFi and bang on time. Note, the bus stops at the edge of town (Fasano) and not at the bus terminal but the address is on the ticket.

    Gill W

  • 15 of us (6 adults and 9 children) stayed at Villa Silvana for the last week of August. It is an absolutely beautiful villa with a view looking all the way down to the sea.

    The villa is very well appointed and has lots of different areas (“boardgame terrace”, “drinks terrace”) for a big group to relax with lots of space. The pool is large and has welcome shade when it’s hot!

    Nikki arranged for us to have catering for 3 nights and the chefs were excellent - cooking delicious meals and clearing up afterwards. Highly recommend going to the Butcher’s in the village for supper!

    Villa Silvana is well located for local beaches and to explore the gorgeous local towns. Locorotondo is a must!


  • We had an amazing stay in the Villa, it's a real haven with stunning views, an incredible pool and lots of space. I loved the welcoming feel to it. There were so many terrace areas that were brilliant for a group of our size.

    Little towns are not far away by car so you get the best of both worlds, being in the middle of nowhere but with activities in easy reach.

    I cannot wait to go back. Enza was also a great help to us and really took the hassle out of booking restaurants etc. Thank you!

    Hannah S.

  • My wife and I were celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary there, our entire family with us.

    The location of Villa Silvana, the layout of the property and the decoration of the rooms were all what we had hoped for and even more.
    One of the highlights was the daily "Happy Hour" on the top floor of the building with a magnificent view over the valley and the Adriatic Sea.
    The fact that our group consisted of 3 generations ranging from 5 years to 80 years was no problem.
    There was something to do for everyone.

    There are so many things to do and visit in nearby charming towns and places. We definitely would love to come back to Villa Silvana one day in the future.

    Karl and family

  • Villa Silvana is located in a beautiful part of southern Italy; the villa itself is excellent, the rooms are a generous size, and the whole place is nicely decorated, clean, and very well maintained. There is a wonderful sea view from the terraces, and a good sized pool.

    The local area has plenty of attractions (we went gokarting, as well as to a wine museum/wine tasting session etc.) There is also a local shop within 5-10 minutes' walk, which is very handy.

    Villa Silvana is highly recommended, and I am very much looking forward to going back again soon!

    Gareth R.

  • We’ve never been to this part of Italy before but Puglia proved to be a delight, such a relaxed, slow paced atmosphere. Beautiful whitewashed hill towns, stunning baroque architecture and unspoilt beaches.

    Villa Silvana was an ideal location to explore this region sitting atop a hillside commanding stunning views. The Villa itself was spacious, luxurious and very tastefully decorated. Even with a large party there was always privacy in the outside spaces if required. Set on three levels, all with roomy comfortable patio areas, as well a a large pool enclosed within a further private terrace.

    We’ll definitely be going back - perfect holiday, loved it!

    Phil T.

  • Beautiful villa in the hills with amazing view of the sea.

    The hosts have thought of everything to make us comfortable- bedrooms and bathrooms/shower rooms all well appointed and pretty, kitchen and equipment all excellent. The pool area is lovely and secluded and inaccessible to small children. Three different large terraces allowing whole party fun or individual privacy.

    The information provided about the area is second to none we have experienced in other villas and the restaurants and shops that were recommended were a great mix and all were excellent.

    Could not recommend highly enough!

    Katharine, Party of 8, May 2019

  • We had wonderful holidays. The villa was very clean. We appreciate the panoramic view.

    I personally appreciated that we had different terraces for different atmospheres, the big swimming pool, the good location (with wind during the day).

    It was very good.

    Carine & family, July 2018

  • Thanks for sharing your amazing home on that little slice of heaven!

    It is truly a special place.

    Kourtney, July 2018

  • Thank you for a lovely holiday!

    This is a stunning villa in a perfect location from which to explore Puglia. There is a gorgeous view from all of the (several) terraces down to the sea which is about 20 mins drive. There are pretty towns and villages all in easy driving distance which are fascinating to explore and great places to eat out in but being up in the hills the villa is very private and peaceful and a haven to return to - especially the large pool after a hot morning exploring!

    Jane B.

  • The villa itself is very well equipped with everything needed for a large group - bedrooms are spacious and very comfortable. The terraces and patios are great places to get away from it all and mean that even in a large group there is plenty of room for quiet moments.

    This is a lovely area of Italy and the villa is a great base for a wonderful holiday here.

    Jane B.

  • We recently stayed at Villa Silvana for a friend’s birthday and it was the ideal venue for a week of sun and celebration. It is a beautiful property with stunning views and the luxurious pool area was perfect for lazy days relaxing with friends. We had many wonderful dinners under the stars in the large communal areas and the BBQ is great for big groups. Puglia has so much to offer and Villa Silvana is a gorgeous base from which to explore. We can’t wait to come back!

    Rosie B.

  • We recently stayed at Villa Silvana for a family reunion with 13 family members from all over the US. We had a great time. The villa is beautiful with plenty of room for everyone. It’s so large we were even able to host a BBQ with all 13 of us plus another 10 or so family members who live in the area. The Puglia is a beautiful part of Italy and there’s so much to do all with very easy day trips of the villa. I’d recommend this house to anyone.

    Jerrie L.

  • We travel to Italy a lot for our holidays and every year all four brothers get together to organize a large family holiday. Of all the villas we've stayed in, this is the best. We felt so at home and so comfortable and there was a lot of us. We had the chef on more than one occasion, the food quality for the price is unbelievable and delicious. There's tons to do in the area and as we were such a big group the owners went out of their way every day to help us book excursions and restaurants. The pool was huge and such fun and the views are mind blowing. Loved It.

    Susanna C.

  • OMG

    What can I say, the property was fantastic and the pool was brilliant with a super view over the cost more then enough room for our party of 12.

    The kids loved it and we felt safe letting them loose on the grounds wich are BIG.

    The owners were great, gave us all the space but were always there for help and advice.

    All and all brilliant and look forward to our next visit next summer.

    Jamie H.

  • What an amazing week, cannot thank you enough for allowing us to stay in your AMAZING place. Everything about it was perfect and so much amazing space for everyone to hang out in as a group!!! The pool area was fab and was perfect for floating around on pizza shaped lilos!

    Molly M.

  • What to say...this villa is a hidden gem. As you arrive you are immediately greeted with the most stunning view which is alone a reason not to leave. From there the surprises get better and better the food the rooms, the Italian decor all adds to the charm....and the pool I could have floated in it for days. Its location is perfect just a short 30 min drive form the airport and right within reach of some quaint villages with really delicious authentic Italian meals. I would could have stayed for weeks and will certainly be back!

    Steph L.

  • The Villa itself was lovely – stunning views etc., loved the terraces and the pool, perfect spot for driving to nearby towns and sightseeing.

    Lena was amazing – her food was delicious, and she was so lovely, highly recommend her to other guests and great value too.

    However, the restaurants weren't really walkable.

    Kathryn D.

  • Villa molto bella, con una magnifica piscina.

    Vista panoramica, provvista di tutoo quello che serviva per un gruppo di ben 12 persone.

    Ottima comunicazione con la proprietaria, Enza la manager, molto gentile e disponibile, cena ottima cucinata dall'eccellente chef Miriana! (Consiglio vivamente!)

    A breve distanza da Polignano, Alberobello, il mare stupendo di Polignano e Monopoloi- Capitolo.


    Maria Grazia - August 2021

  • the villa was very nice - good location to see smaller towns in Puglia- Enza was very pleasant and sorted out a problem in a timely way. it was a good choice for my family - each sibling had their own area - communal kitchen

    May 2022


  • Perfect thankyou so much. It was fantastic. loved it. beautiful villa, stunning weather, lovely beaches, great food

    June 2022

    Rosie and Family

  • we had an enjoyable time at the villa, Enza was very helpful and we followed both her and your recommendations.. excellent lunch at Il Veleiro in Villanova. Lido Morelli and beach at Gorgonolo great for adults and children. Restaurant Belvedere equally enjoyable. We shall definitely recommend friends to rent out your villa. Thankyou very much once again

    Harry & family. June 22

  • another amazing week at VS no wonder we keep coming back. perfect for relaxing with friends with a cocktail by the pool or enjoying the sunset on the top terrace with the new Piaggio bar. Close enough to great towns like Ostuni and Locorotondo for delicious food. try Bosco Verde Beach club - amazing lobster pasta. very grateful for the strong fans in each room and great refurb on remaining bathrooms giving wonderful mix of classic Italian villa and modern living. cant wait to go back next year

    Mr & Mrs KR - frequent flyers and' VS poster boy' june 2022

  • we all wanted to say a big thankyou - we had a wonderful time making full use of the pool and local delicious fresh food and wine - many a bottle drunk by the Paggio bar. needless to say nobody wanted to come home

    Caro and family july 2022

  • Villa Silvana met and exceeded all our expectations. The villa is spectacular, perched on a wooded hillside above the Adriatic, with its own superb pool. The area around is a wonderful mixture of the best Italy has to offer: fascinating and historic towns, amazing beaches, wonderful food everywhere and a real revelation - Puglian wine!
    August 2022

    Dave and family

  • We just wanted to say thankyou for our lovely stay in your villa. We had such a fantastic time. We particularly loved the top terrace bar for our 6 o'clock cocktails. The chef meal was a great success - the best food of our visit - what a great discovery

    Wendy and family August 22

  • Villa Silvana was perfect for our group of 6 adults and two toddlers. We could have easily fit in more and not felt over crowded. There are so many places to relax and dwell…so never felt of top of each other.
    The villa accommodation is perfect with great modern bathrooms throughout. The highlight must be the pool, numerous terraces and the BBQ area.
    Its easily accessible from the airport and to the local town and amenities.
    It’s purely a perfect spot for a large family / group holiday. Wonderful!

    Rich june 15-23 2023

  • A big thankyou for letting us stay at your gorgeous villa in Puglia. It was such a lovely space and perfect spot for a family to enjoy, especially in the very hot weather!. The views were incredible and the evenings we got to spend on the terrace BBQ-ing and chatting altogether were so relaxing and picturesque. The pool was the perfect place to hang out throughout the day and our 2yr old became a proper water-baby. The villa is in a wonderful location with stunning sea views and we were just sad that we couldn't explore more due to the unusual heat - but we will 100% be back to do some of what we missed

    Molly June 2023

  • If you like Italy you'll love Puglia, if you love Puglia you will adore the gorgeous villa Silvana. A spacious , well appointed and beautifully cared for villa in an idea location up in the hills with stunning views from all the terraces. I didn't want to say goodbye

    John-June 2024

  • vVery sad to leave this beautiful place. Enza has been just wonderful. our chef meal from Clelia was perfect. Thanks to Enza for her care and generosity.. We had a wonderful week at the villa. We were 3 families with 4 children under 2yrs. prior to our stay all queries were answered promptly. We hope to return one day

    Carolyn - may 2024

  • We loved the villa - daytimes were hot so we laid low by the pool and did villages in evening. Great location and facilities. it was very special to unite with family and the villa is so well located. we loved the Piaggio Ape cocktail bar - many a good Americano mixed there

    Steve and guests july 2024

  • The food from Chef Clelia was out of this world. Fried zucchini flowers were something else and fresh pasta sublime. The whole evening was made very special in this gorgeous place - what a treat

    Sam and Sophie - july 2024